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Provincial People’s Committee regular meeting of November: Socio-economic development in 2016 continues in great shape
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23/11/2016 | VI BAO
​BEGIC - In the morning of November 22nd, at Meeting Hall A, Provincial People's Committee organized its regular meeting of November approving some reporting contents of socio-economic development, national defense and security in 2016 with orientation and tasks for 2017, socio-economic development planning for 2017, working schedule in 2017 of Provincial People's Committee, critique of commanding operations of Provincial People's Committee in 2016, the submission of adjusting and supplementing land pricing list in Binh Duong Province.

Tran Thanh Liem, the Chair of Provincial People's Committee hosts the meeting with attendance of his deputies, members, and leaders of departments, sectors, agencies, districts, towns, and Thu Dau Mot City.

As reported, in 2016, socio-economic status of the province has actively been transformed thoroughly in all aspects of people lives and maintained political security and national defense. Of 28 criteria proposed by the resolution of Provincial People's Council from the beginning of the year, 26 have been met or exceeded, leaving the remaining criteria not met but higher than in the same period. Economic growth has been stable in right orientation. GRDP of the province grew by 8.5% with GRDP per capita of VND 108.6 million in the structure of 63%-23.5%-4.3%-9.2% of industry-services-agriculture-importing taxation respectively. Industrial development index, service value, and grand retail have grown relatively high, especially of high growth and surplus exportation. Budget collection has exceeded the estimation while payments from the budget have been effectively made with high credit balance, stable interest rate and controlled tax debts and bank black debts. By October 31st, 2016, foreign investment luring has gained by US$ 1.883 billion in 221 new projects of US$ 1.263 billion of capital and 113 projects of additional capital of US$ 620 million.

Cultural and social activities have been taken care of to gain some worthy outcomes. Live hood of local people, socially privileged people and the poor have been improved. National defense has been enhanced, political and social security in the province have been stable and maintained.

In 2017, it is projected that growth should be stable and sustainable with economic transition to more ratio of services. Socio-economic infrastructure shall be improved and development of urban areas and services shall create foundation to transform the province into type-I urban area before 2020. Social welfare shall be maintained to improve cultural and material lives of the people. Administrative procedures shall be reformed to improve transparency and competitiveness, creating favorable environment for investment luring, business development, national defense and security, political stability, and social security.

Pham Danh, the Director of Department of Natural Resources and Environment elaborates on adjustment and supplementation of some regulations on land pricing list

Regarding the submission for adjustment and supplementation of land pricing list in the province, the prices have been generally maintained with a few supplementation of land areas along 81 streets or roads that have not been listed.

At the meeting, the delegates discussed to elaborate some assessments of the outcomes, drawbacks, and challenges of socio-economic development, the detail measures for implementation in 2017 while contributing to the adjustment of land pricing list.

Chair of Provincial People's Committee, Tran Thanh Liem concludes the meeting

Regarding the opinions of the delegates, Tran Thanh Liem, the Chair of Provincial People's Committee basically agreed with the reports delivered at the meeting. He noted that more supplementation should be made to poverty household ratio calculation, new investment luring program sponsored by Department of Planning and investment. Departments and units are required to fulfill at the soonest the contents to be submitted at the 3rd session of Provincial People's Committee to come and the detail program of celebrating 20 years of province re-establishment.

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