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August 2011 – Industrial production rose to 17,8% compared with the same period of 2010
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BEGIC - Continue to strictly and effectively implement the Solution of Politburo, Nation Assembly, Government and the Binh Duong procvince Party’s Committee in aiming to control inflation, stabilize macro - economic, ensure social security, Binh Duong socio-economic developed stablely in August, 2011.
Industrial production estimated 10,981 billion VND, up 6% against last month; total industrial production value for 8 months estimated 74,362 billion VND, rose 17.8% with the same period of 2010. Some increasing products were fresh water, manufactured seafood, tobacco, clothes and medicine…. Total revenue from good retails and services achieved 4,497 billion VND, up 1.6% with the last month, rose 28.5% with the same period. CPI rose 0.85% with the July, up 15.3% in comparison with Dec 2010. Transportation service continued to develop, total revenue estimated 653 billion VND, up 3.2% with the last period.
Export turnover estimate US$ 937 million, increased by 3.6% in comparison with last month and up 22.1% against the same period, total turnover in 8 months were US$ 5,972 billion, went up 29.1% with the same period. About investment and construction from the provincial budget, by Aug 20, total value and quantity reached 1,359 billion VND, achieved 45.6% with the plan, total proposed budget got 1,729 billion VND, reached 58.08% with the plan.
By Aug 12, there were 78 new registered domestic enterprises with total capital of 168 billion VND and there were 14 capital supplement enterprises with total additional capital of 83 billion VND. Foreign investment attracted US$ 52,6 million, include 7 new projects with total capital of US$12,9 million, 10 adjusted projects with capital up to US$33,75 million; In the industrial parks , there were 5 new registered projects with total capital of US$15,8 million and 5 addicted projects with additional capital of US$30,1 million.
The Investment and Development Fund disburses 76,6 billion VND, total released money in 8 months were 1,592 billion VND, rose 1,8 times to the same period 2010.
Proposed budget revenue estimated 1,520 billion VND. Total of budget expenditures estimated 400 billion VND. The total fund of credit institution estimated 49,546 billion VND, up 3.2% with the last month.
Besides, the provincial disease situation was not complicated by Aug. There were 165 doses for vaccinating on ox and cow and 10,234 vaccine doses for pig to prevent foot-and-mouth diseases. It was promoted to prevent storm and typhoon, the related departments promptly announced to the people in order to active preventation of natural desaster: inondation or storm.  
In August, the province socio-economy continued to strength, social security was always in interest. On the 64th ceremony day of war martyrs and wounded soldiers (July 27), Binh Duong province host activities to visit, give presents, offer loved-house, consul and give free medication for 43,703 social welfare bebeficiaries with total money of 17,1 billion VND; built 10 loved-houses, send 350 gifts worth 340 million VND for poor people living in province.
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