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July 2011 – Binh Duong socio - economic continues to strength
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BEGIC - Continue to implement the solutions to control inflation, stabilize the macro- economy, to maintain social security, Binh Duong socio-economic situation in July 2011 continued to strength and reached the high growth in comparison with the last month, social security policies were well-done for poor people.
Industrial production estimated 10,289 billion VND, up 6% against last month; foreign investment sector increased by 17.4%. The total revenue from goods retail and services reached 4,287 billion VND, up 1% in comparison with last month, up 28.6% with the same period. CPI rose 1.03% in comparison with June, up 14.35% with Dec 2010 and increased 20.15% with the same period. Transportation service continued to develop, total revenue in July estimated 4,580 billion VND, up 57.7% with the last period.
Export turnover estimate US$ 820.5 million, increased by 5.2% in comparison with last month and up 16% against the same period. Import turnover estimate to reach US$724.7 million, up 6.4% against June, and 27.5% in comparison with the same period.
About investment and basic construction from the provincial budget, total value and quantity reached 1,196 billion VND, achieved 40.2% with the plan, total proposed budget got 1,504 billion VND, 50.5% of the plan. There were 67 new registered domestic enterprises with total capital of 122.4 billion VND and there were 127 capital supplement enterprises with total additional capital of 464.3 billion VND. Foreign investment got 5 new projects with total capital of US$12.2 million, 14 adjusted projects with capital up to US$14.7 million; total investment capital of 7 months estimated US$473.5 million with 47 new projects reached US$246.1 million and 73 supplement projects with additional capital of US$227.4 million, include US$435.2 million of capital invested in industry zones by enterprises, reached 91.9% of total investment capital.
Proposed budget revenue reaches 1,700 billion VND; total budget revenue of 7 months were 13,000 billion VND, up to 14% with the same period, achieved 70% of plan. Budget expenditures estimated 400 billion VND, total of expenditure were 3,400 billion VND, rose 3% with the same period.
The total fund of credit institution to the late July got 46,435 billion VND, up 12% with the last month.
The activities for policy and social objects were promoted. There was a meeting at the Provincial martyrs’ cemetery on the ceremony day of war martyrs and wounded soldiers (July 27) and expensed 9 billion VND from the provincial budget for 19,187 social welfare beneficiaries on this occasion. Provincial Job Center held 2 job fairs 35 and 36 with 364 enterprises and 4,200 labors in participation in, include 3,412 people were interviewed.
The propaganda activity on diseases’ protection and prevention were promoted so there were not any case of disease.
With these achievements, in August and the next months, the province leaders focus to direct all departments, all levels to implement more effectively in controlling inflation, stablizing macro-economic, ensuring social security following the Resolution of the Government, Provincial Party Committee and People’s Council.
Mai Xuan
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