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May 2011: Enterprises invested and increased capital of more than US$ 30 million
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BEGIC - Continued to implement the Resolution no. 11/NQ-CP dated on February 24th, 2011 of the Government on solutions mainly focusing on containing inflation, stabilizing the macro economy, guaranteeing the social security, Binh Duong socio-economic situation in May 2011 continued to develop.
Industrial production is estimated at 9,111billion VND, up 6% against last month; foreign investment sector obtained 28,920 billion VND, increased by 17.1%. The total revenue from goods retail and services reached 4,380 billion VND, up 2.6% in comparison with last month, CPI increased by 2.3% compared to last month. Transportation service continued to develop, especially passenger transportation with 310 thousand visitors, up 10.3% against the last period.
Export turnover is estimated at US$ 709 million, increased by 5.7% in comparison with last month and up 17.9% against the same period. Goods with high value in exportation were: textile, foot wear, furniture, rubber, pepper, electrical conductor and cables. Import turnover is estimated to reach US$633, up 6.2% against last month, and 43.3% in comparison with the same period. Import products with high growth rate: paper powder, fertilizer, electronic products, machines, assembly.
There were 76 newly-registered domestic enterprises, 33 capital increase projects with the total capital of 423 billion VND. Foreign investment capitalized US$ 30.1 million. Capital disbursement of Investment and development fund valued at 26.5 billion VND. Proposed budget revenue reaches 1,670 billion VND; local budget expenditures estimate 700 billion VND, the total fund of credit institutions until the late month estimates 46,021 billion VND, up 1.7% against last month.
In agriculture, the planted area of summer- autumn harvest was 3,032 hectares, decreased by 3.3% against last period, food crops area increased by 2.6%, annual industrial plants increased by 4.5%. Prevention and control plant diseases were strengthened to reduce the plant diseases.
Otherwise, the provincial socio-cultural situation continued to develop. Education, health care for provincial people were taken great interest. Job center introduced 7,283 jobs, organized the 33thjob fair with 180 enterprises. Enterprises need to recruit 11 thousand labors. National security was stably maintained.
Mai Xuan
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