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Binh Duong province’s tourism development plan to 2020 and vision to 2030
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BEGIC - To tourism becoming important industry of Binh Duong province, contribute in the process of economic structure; simultaneously be tool to improve standard of living, meet requirement of relaxing, enjoying spirit value, Binh Duong People’s Committee promulgated Decision No. 2302.QD-UBND dated Aug15th, 2011 to approve “Tourism development plan of Binh Duong province to 2020, visi...
This plan aims to build Binh Duong’s tourism becoming an important industry in economic structure, contribute to process of changing economic structure; simultaneously be tool to improve standard of living, meet requirement of relaxing, enjoying spirit value.
In 2015, strive for attracting 5 million visitors, of whom 43 thousand will be foreign visitors. In 2020, 6.8 million visitors, of whom 63 thousand will be foreign visitors. In 2025, 9 million visitors, of whom 80 thousand will be foreign visitors. In 2030, 12 million visitors, of whom 110 thousand will be foreign visitors. Total revenue will be estimably 2200 billion VND in 2015; 4450 billion VND in 2020.
Mat Xanh tourist park (Tan Uyen) will be a relaxed place with high-class services at the weekend (Photo: HoangPham)
Vision to 2030, tourism will be a key industry of Binh Duong city, contribute to changing economic structure and impulse the development of relevant industries. Sustainable development to become key industry, in 2030 Binh Duong tourism will be ranked among the best tourist provinces of Vietnam. The growth rate of the average tourists increase by 6% in the period 2021-2030, total revenue approximately 14,000 billion VND in 2020.    
Developing tourism in South of the province includes Thu Dau Mot district, Thuan An district, Di An district and a part of Ben Cat district (ecological tourism, culture tourism, entertainment, relaxing…); the Northern West region includes Dau Tieng Lake, Uncle Mountain, a part of Sai Gon river, and surrounding area of Dau Tieng district, Ben Cat district (resort, ecological tourism…); East includes area Dong Nai river and Song Be river belonged to Tan Uyen district, Phu Giao district (ecological water, resort…) and develop tours both internal and external province such as tours along national highway No. 13, DT741-742 route, and Ho Chi Minh route…   
Hai Su
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