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Urban development plan in Binh Duong province for 2011-2015, vision towards 2020
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BEGIC - The urban development in Binh Duong has achieved particular results in recent years due to the effort of authorities, the participation of businesses and the consensus of the majority of people. Binh Duong urban space has gradually developed as a civilised and modern city which has a good infrastructure.
In an effort to prompt the city of civilization, modernity, identity and environmentally friendly as well as the high living standard, Provincial Party issued the program of urban development in Binh Duong for 2011-2011, vision towards 2020.
This is the main purpose to enhance this area to become a pole of the southern key economic sector, a centre of politics, economy, culture, science – technique and defence – security and a city of industry, service, trade and tourism. Binh Duong is now improving its infrastructure in an effort to become a Grade I city in 2015 and a centrally governed city in 2020.
The Binh Duong Industry-Service-Urban Complex to be a modern urban area in the future (Photo: HoangPham)
Industrial – service development associates with urbanization and rural modernization. Expansion and refurbishment of Thu Dau Mot, Thuan An and Di An towns as well as other satellite towns are required towards civilization, modernity, identity and environmentally friendly, improving new district administrative centres such as Bau Bang, Ben Cat, Tan Thanh and Tan Uyen, prompting the investment and development of potential towns such as Thanh Phuoc, Tan Ba (Tan Uyen district).
Agricultural development consists with the master plan of Binh Duong urban development, promoting the consensus of people in the implementation of compensative policy, land clearance, resettlement.
Following in details, the province strives to remain an increase of 14% in annual economic growth; reach 75% of urbanization rate by 2015, and 85% by 2020, decrease 9% in the percentage of poor households, supply 150l/person/day, reach 99% in clean water using proportion by 2015. 100% of new enterprises have operated water disposal treatment plants, 60% of sewage from households have been treated. The proportion of treated solid organic wastes is expected to reach 90% by 2015 and 100% by 2020. Urban green area will gain over 15m2/person.
In an effort to gain above targets, the province will check and adjust the Master plan of social-economic development of all levels. Main infrastructure will be in preference. Attracting investment from many sources as BOT form (Build – Operate - Transfer), BT form (Build and Transfer), PPP form (Public – Private Partnership); Enhancing to reform administrative procedures towards simplicity and quickness; Eliminating unreasonable procedures for investment licenses.
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