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“Exchange wastes for gifts” – A way for environmental protection
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BEGIC – Sep 25, at Thu Dau Mot market (Phu Cuong ward), Natural Resources and Environment Department co-organized with Binh Duong Youth Union and Binh Duong Water Supply – Sewerage - Environment One member Co., Ltd (BIWASE) to hold a program called “Exchange wastes for gifts”.
The purpose aimed to lead community to reduce using plastic bags and change to use multi-use bag and plastic basket for shopping. This programme helps to promote community awareness and change their actions for environmentally green protection such as waste classification and putting garbage in right way and right place …..
The collected wastes were newspaper, used books, empty cans, plastic bottles and a lot of plastic and pvc products …. All of them were exchanged for presents such as multi-use bag, compact light and detergent …
The collection programme attracted a lot of people
Total presents were given to the people were 6.000 multi-use bags, 300 bottles of 180ml Rejoice shampoo, 600 packs of Tide detergent, 500 compact lights and 42.000 packs of Pentene shampoo. The BIWASE collected and delivered all the rubbishes to The Southern Binh Duong Solid Waste Treatment Complex for recycling to useful and environmentally friendly material.
Received useful gifts from the organizer
In the morning, 100 members of Youth Union rode bicycle along many streets in Thu Dau Mot centre for promotion the Programme “Making the world cleaner” in 2011 and gave the guide to people for instructing waste classify and following 3T method (recycled, re-used and recycle).
The “Exchange waste for gifts” programme took place in 2 days, 25/9/2011 and 02/10/2011 at Thu Dau Mot market.
* According to the Organization Board’s report, they collected 9,8 waste tones of empty cans, plastic bottles, used newspapers and old books…
This was one of the programmes to promote the “Making the world cleaner” rised all over the world and held on the third week of Sept by United Nations. In Binh Duong, some responsive activities were the programme of exchange waste for gifts, medical waste treatment technology conference and open-air meeting.
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