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Dream Infinity Group (Japan) to invest in AEON Binh Duong Canary Shopping Center
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BEGIC - On April 22, at the administration center hall, Mr. Tran Thanh Liem, Vice Chairman of Binh Duong Province People’s Committee had a working session with Mr. Takayama Kazunori, Chairman of Dream Infinity Group (Japan) on their investment in AEON Binh Duong Canary Shopping Center.
Mr. Takayama Kazunori said, Dream Infinity Group specializes in opreating, managing amusement complex in Japan. In Binh Duong, Dream Infinity will invest in Supper Amusement Dream Games (Bowling and electronic games ) area at AEON Binh Duong Canary Shopping Center with total area of ​​2.600m2. The bowling area will be equipped with modern facilities imported from Japan and the United States, reaching international standards. With the philosophy that is always listen to customers, analysis, understand their needs then apply experience, skills to create perfect values, offering customers satisfaction. Dream Infinity promised to make the amusement park a safe and comfortable place for people to entertain, unwind, Mr. Kazunori Takayama added.

On behalf of the provincial leaders, Vice Chairman Tran Thanh Liem appreciated  and welcomed Dream Infinity’s project at AEON Binh Duong Canary Shopping Center. Currently, Binh Duong has many ecological urban, new industrial urban, residential area, industrial zones ... that are fast growing in commercial, services and urban orientation. Thus, the investment of Dream Infinity will facilitate entertainment for the province’s citizens and people in neighboring areas. Vice Chairman Tran Thanh Liem also promised to create favorable conditions for Dream Infinity to deploy their project in Binh Duong province. He also believed that, Dream Infinity’s activities will be brilliantly success in Binh Duong.

Earlier, on May 01/2014 , Dream Infinity inaugurated and put into use Supper Amusement Dream Games at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon (Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City) .
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