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Saitama Province Enterprises finds investment opportunities in Binh Duong Province
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BEGIC - On March 7, 2014, at the Integrated Administration Center (Le Loi St., Hoa Phu Ward), Mr Le Thanh Cung, Chairman of Binh Duong province People’s Committee had a meeting with Saitama Province Enterprises, led by Mr. Suzuki Tsutomu- CEO of Saitama Agata Bank, on seeking investment opportunities.
The delegation included 22 young enterprises of Saitama Province, who have strengths on banking, construction, interior, telecommunication and tourism, came to Binh Duong Province to seek investment opportunities.
At the meeting, Chairman Le Thanh Cung acclaimed the working visit of Saitama Province representatives. He said that Binh Duong province prepared 1500 hectares of land that has modern and complete infrastructure, the connection between regions via road traffic system was finished that help boosting goods circulation and export. Plus, with the abundance of trained human resources as well as investment attraction policies and the province’s administrative formalities reform will create more favorable conditions for investors. The current businesses of Saitama province enterprises totally suit Binh Duong province’s developmental orientation from 2014 that is auxiliary industries. The Chairman believed that in the future, Saitama province’s businesses will come to invest in Binh Duong province and he also promised to create more favorable conditions for the businesses to deploy their projects in the province.
After that, Mr. Mai Hung Dung, Director of the Department of Planning and Development also reported the provincial general socioeconomic development in recent years and the investment status of Japanese enterprises in the province.
On behalf of the delegation, Mr. Suzuki Tsutomu expressed his sincere thanks for the information of Binh Duong provided by provincial authorities and appreciated the socioeconomic development as well as infrastructure investment to attract foreign investment. He added that Binh Duong is a promising destination for Saitama province enterprises. In the future, he said, there will be Saitama province enterprises come to invest in Binh Duong Province.
Chairman Le Thanh Cung granting the development symbol of Binh Duong province to Mr. Suzuki Tsutomu
Hoang Pham
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