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Binh Duong People’s Council carried out a survey about progress of the southern Binh Duong province water environment improvement project
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BEGIC - March 28th, the delegation of supervision of provincial People’s Council carried out a survey about progress of the southern Binh Duong province water environment improvement project – subproject 1 Thu Dau Mot town hosted by Binh Duong Water Supply- Sewerage - Environment Co., Ltd (Biwase).
This project with total investment capital is VND 1,984 billion, includes JICA’s capital is VND 1,584 billion (account for 80% of total investment capital), Viet Nam’s corresponding capital is VND 400 billion. The implement period is from 2007 to 2014.
Entire water pipes length of 170 km are used in centre of Thu Dau Mot Town with total area of 752 ha, includes 10672m of pipes type I, 43629m of pipes type II, 114977m pipes of type III and 1288m of pressure pipes. 11 pumping stations and transitional pumping stations to transfer wastewater to sewage treatment plants with maximum capacity of 70,650m3 per day.
Currently, wastewater collection systems have been deployed with the length of 84,452m pipe (reach to 50% plan), in which 4962m of pipes type I (50.9% plan), 18642m of pipes type II (42.5% plan), 66210m of pipes type III (62% plan). The progress of this project obtained 50% plan, some finished items such as parking lots, workshops, control building; some main treatment items as ASBR tank, depositing tank, mud pumping stations finished over 50% volume of work.
 Pumping station
Execute pipes type I
Some items at sewage treatment plant finished over 50% volume of work
After the working visit, leaders of Biwase presented some problems in implementing the project, the most difficult issues were inhomogeneous surface, high groundwater level, etc. influenced neighbouring works such as breaking out Ba Hen canal, Ly Tu Trong street, Nguyen Tri Phuong street, etc; pipes type III were used for alleies, difficult executionin some places; the installation cost from systems to private houses must be paid by householders.
At the end of working visit, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Cuong, Vice Head of the Economic and Budget Board of Provincial People’s Council, Vice Head of supervision delegation, admited ideas of Biwase leaders and then will submit to Provincial People’s Council to find the best solutions in deploying projects to accomplish the objective as planned.
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