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The New Consul General of Laos PDR paid a courtesy call on provincial leader
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BEGIC - March 8th, Mr. Southideth Phommalat, The Consul General of Laos PDR in Ho Chi Minh city visited to pay a courtesy call on The Chairman of Binh Duong People’s Committee Le Thanh Cung at the provincial committee’s hall.
At the meeting, Mr. Le Thanh Cung informed The Consul General about the achievements of Binh Duong province through out the years and appreciated the cooperation between Binh Duong enterprises and Champasak enterprises. He also said that the agreement signed by both provinces will be soon implemented.
Mr. Southideth Phommalat expressed his compliments to the Binh Duong economic – cultural achievements, especially the social welfare policy. He also hoped that the Laos authority will received more support from Binh Duong province in management experience, investment attraction and human resources training.
Chairman of Binh Duong People’s Committee Le Thanh Cung (right) and The Consul General of Laos PDR in Ho Chi Minh city Southideth Phommalat
Earlier this day, Mr. Le Thanh Cung had received Mr. Zai Lei Ming, the Chinese Consul General coming to pay a courtesy for his new term of office in Ho Chi Minh city.
On June 21, 2011, Binh Duong province and Champasak province signed the agreement of five year cooperation with 9 terms, including:
1. Continuing the exchange visits of senior delegations from the two provinces.
2. Implementing the project of ceramics and building material development in Sa-Na-Som-Bun, Champasak province.
3. Champasak province will support surveying, land planning for rubber tree and suggest Laos Government to allocate land for the Dau Tieng – Viet Lao Rubber Joint Stock Company in order to successfully implement the project of 10.000ha rubber plantation in 2013.
4. Champasak province will continue to support consulting, surveying, designing and involved procedures for the Dau Tieng –Viet Lao Rubber Joint Stock Company to construct the latex rubber processing plant in Bachieng District, Champasak Province in 2012.
5. Binh Duong province will help to train the students for Champasak province, offer five full scholarships per year for Bachelor degree from 2011 to 2015 at Thu Dau Mot University.
6. Binh Duong province will help to support health check and short term convalescence each year for 10 senior retired officers of Champasak province.
7. Binh Duong province will cooperate and offer expertise support for Champasak province in policy making of modern industrial development, construction plan and industrial park development.
8. The two provinces will cooperate in surveying, planning and creating favorable conditions in order to call investments in building animal feed factory in Champasak province.
9. The two provinces consent to assign the two External Relations Departments being the contact and cooperating with involved departments and agencies in developing the details of cooperation agreement.
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