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An upcoming event to connect and promote green energy transition in Binh Duong
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PORTAL - On May 29, 2024, at the World Trade Center (WTC Expo), a connecting event will take place, promoting green energy transition towards sustainable development.

The event will be attended by representatives of departments, and branches of Binh Duong province, Informa Markets, Renewable Energy Association, VSSES, Keppel EAAS Viet Nam, SolarBK Group, and enterprises and associations inside and outside the province.

Featured topics at the Seminars: Batteries - Key to energy conversion; Green energy development in Binh Duong; Discussion: Private sector perspectives in operating renewable energy projects.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving carbon neutrality has become an urgent global task, creating new challenges for Viet Namese enterprises in the context of international economic integration. With Decree 06/2022/ND-CP and commitments at the COP26, COP27, and COP28 Conferences, the Government of Viet Nam aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 43.5% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050.

Many domestic and foreign direct investment (FDI) enterprises have been building carbon-neutral plants or converting to renewable energy. This not only aims to promote energy security and sustainable development but also helps reduce production costs and improve competitiveness. In 2023, 1,912 enterprises must conduct greenhouse gas inventories and meet emission quota requirements.

Therefore, this series of events will help enterprises update trends and knowledge about carbon neutrality, and connect with experts and partners in the manufacturing sector. The program is sponsored by prestigious organizations such as Electric & Power Viet Nam, Renewable Energy Viet Nam, and HVACR Viet Nam, with the coordination of specialized partners.

Within the framework of the industrial connection event, with local support from WTC Binh Duong, the Workshop "Renewable Energy and HVAC Technology for Binh Duong Smart City and Factory in the journey towards sustainability and Carbon neutrality in manufacturing" will be an opportunity for enterprises to access the most up-to-date knowledge and information on carbon neutral trends and solutions towards sustainable development. This is also an opportunity to interact and connect with leading experts and potential partners in the manufacturing field.

To participate in the event, individuals and organizations register for free at:

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