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Binh Duong: Broadband infrastructure ready for digital transformation
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PORTAL - ​In recent years, Binh Duong province's telecommunications infrastructure has been developing rapidly, contributing to promoting digital transformation and creating motivation for the province's socio-economic development.

Current status of infrastructure development

In recent years, along with socio-economic development and growth, Binh Duong province has become a destination, attracting many investment enterprises, including enterprises operating in the telecommunications field. To date, in the province there are more than 10 enterprises investing in infrastructure, providing telecommunications, Internet and pay television services such as Binh Duong Telecommunication, Viettel Binh Duong, Mobifone Binh Duong, FPT Telecom Binh Duong and Viet Nam Technology & Telecommunication Joint Stock Company (VNTT) which are the leading enterprises, have the largest infrastructure and account for about 95% of the telecommunications services market share in the province.

Mobile coverage map in Binh Duong province

Telecommunications enterprises are constantly investing and upgrading infrastructure to improve service quality, while expanding service areas, meeting communication needs for direction and administration of all levels of government, as well as meeting the communication needs, serving production, business and entertainment of people and enterprises in the province, contributing to ensuring national security, social order and safety and promoting socio-economic development of the locality.


In addition to making large investments in urban areas, telecommunications enterprises have also fully deployed fiber optic networks and mobile transceiver stations to the hamlet (village) level, with more than 3,000 transceiver stations. To date, the number of mobile subscribers has reached 138.75 subscribers/100 people; 85% of households use fiber optic broadband; 99.9% of residential areas have 3G and 4G mobile coverage; the rate of mobile broadband fiber optic internet subscriptions reached 101.43 subscribers/100 people, meeting all broadband Internet connection needs for people and enterprises, ensuring to provide users with high quality telecommunications services, such as FTTH (Fiber to the home), mobile broadband services on the 3G/4G mobile network platform. In addition, Vinaphone, Viettel, and Mobifone mobile networks have also successfully tested 5G mobile networks and will soon begin providing 5G service to users after being officially licensed.


Forming the foundations for the digital transformation process

With the motto of maximum support for people and enterprises to access and use high quality services at the lowest cost and put into use new applications on mobile platforms, Binh Duong provincial government has coordinated with network operators to establish and provide Internet access services via free public Wi-fi networks at 70 locations in the province, at the Provincial Public Administration Center and at all levels, parks, commercial centers, bus stations and other public places, contributing to improving people's knowledge, serving the province's digital transformation process, supporting people to gradually access online public services.


tải xuống (1).png
Average speed of mobile broadband network in Binh Duong compared to the whole country
Along with that, the province has paid attention and promoted investment in infrastructure, the quality of broadband telecommunications services in Binh Duong has been improved quite clearly. Currently, the fixed broadband service (FTTH) has a Download speed of 113.76Mbps and an Upload speed of 106.27Mbps; Mobile broadband service has a Download speed of 53.37 Mb/s and an Upload speed of 25.65 Mbps.
Signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between Binh Duong province and Military Industry - Telecommunications Group

The province has signed cooperation agreements with telecommunications groups and enterprises on digital transformation activities of the province in the coming time, with the desire to maximize strengths, mobilize all resources, to step up investment and develop modern telecommunications infrastructure to serve the digital transformation process of the province. In particular, focus on developing 5G networks in key areas, giving priority to coverage in central areas, locations, industrial zones and clusters. Promote the deployment of public information points to provide telecommunications products and services, infrastructure, digital and communication services to people and enterprises at competitive prices, contributing to attracting investment of domestic and foreign enterprises, socio-economic development of the province.

In addition, the province has paid more attention to sustainable development, ensuring network safety and urban beauty. In particular, focus on embellishing and undergrounding telecommunications cable networks in existing urban areas. In projects to develop industrial parks, new residential areas, and new urban areas, telecommunications enterprises have participated in investing in telecommunications infrastructure that is synchronized with other infrastructures to both ensure service provision, ensure aesthetics, safety and improve service quality for people and enterprises.


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