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Tan Uyen city: Install wifi at 29 public places
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PORTAL - People and workers in Tan Uyen city no longer have difficulty connecting to the internet. The city has installed free wifi systems in public places to serve people.
Currently, the trend of using smart mobile devices for registering administrative procedures, looking up information, checking in... is increasing. This requires the device to be connected online regularly. For a long time, the lack of public wifi to search for information has caused difficulties for people living in the city. Therefore, Tan Uyen city People's Committee has installed free wifi zones to cover the entire city.
​This has created people's habits of regularly going to the park to exercise and access the internet for free. After parks and gardens installed free wifi, people of all ages from young people, middle-aged to elderly, students, and workers all came here in large numbers in the mornings or evenings.

We were present at Tan Uyen city Park when people came here to practice sports and access the internet. Since the wifi network was installed, people in the area have flocked to the park every day. When coming here, in addition to exercising, people also use mobile phones connected to wifi to connect to social networks, chat with relatives and friends, read newspapers, and watch arts and entertainment programs, and current information.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ba, living in Group 1, Quarter 1, Uyen Hung Ward, said: "Previously, I, like many people in the neighborhood, had to install 3G and 4G to access the network, so I was cautious when using it. Now the park has free wifi, everyone can easily access the internet without having to spend money, and the connection is strong again." Meanwhile, Ms. Pham Thi Man, in Quarter 3, said: "I find that installing free wifi networks in parks is very practical and meaningful to people in the current digital age. Thanks to the wifi network, cultural, artistic, and sports activities of women are more exciting, attracting many members to participate; thereby strengthening the attachment and solidarity of people in the neighborhood."

It is known that the entire city now has free wifi coverage at 29 points serving people. All installation costs are socialized. 29 free wifi installation locations include: One-stop-shop sections in communes and wards, City Public Administration Service Centers, markets, parks, gardens, historical relics... The free wifi coverage helps people connect to on-site information quickly and conveniently.​

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