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Binh Duong Smart City development strategy for the 2022-2030 period is green and sustainable growth
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​​PORTAL - On the afternoon of May 29, at the Provincial Convention and Exhibition Center, Mr. Mai Hung Dung – Permanent Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC), Head of the Executive Board of Binh Duong Smart City chaired a meeting of the Executive Board to listen to the report on the construction situation of Binh Duong Smart City Project in the 2022-2030 period.

At the meeting, Mr. Peter Portheine - Smart Cities Program Director of Brainport Eindhoven (Netherlands), member of the Executive Board informed about opportunities and challenges for countries due to the influence of the world economic situation. Advantages for Binh Duong province in building a smart city such as Binh Duong actively deploying solutions to catch up with the industry 4.0 trend; expanding the development of services; focusing on developing high-quality human resources; building sustainable urban development, etc. At the same time, he said, in the 2016-2021 period, Binh Duong achieved positive results, the economy continuously grew, the economic structure continued to shift in the right direction, GDP per capita increased, the urbanization rate reached 82% in line with the orientation of building a smart city, the infrastructure system was strongly invested, the innovation ecosystem was constantly developing, etc. This is a solid foundation for Binh Duong to build a Smart City Project for the 2022-2030 period to a new level, which is to focus strongly on balancing economic development with social progress and green growth. 


Mr. Peter Portheine - Smart Cities Program Director of Brainport Eindhoven, member of the Executive Board, gives an overview of the draft Binh Duong Smart City Project for the 2022-2030 period

Binh Duong Smart City Project for the 2022-2030 period continues to include 04 areas (people - technology - business - foundation factors) as in the 2016-2021 period, however, these areas will be adjusted to the current situation and the major challenges ahead. At the same time, the Binh Duong Innovation Region Project is integrated in the new Smart City strategy for the 2022-2026 period. Continuing to apply the triple helix model (Government - University - Enterprise) in building smart city.


Mr. Nguyen Viet Long - Director of the Department of Science and Technology comments on the content of Draft project

Reporting on the task of implementing smart city construction in the coming time, representatives of departments and branches said that, based on the general plan of the province, units are implementing the development of key programs and projects of their industry, in which focusing on digital transformation, innovation start-up, administrative reform, etc. At the same time, proposing projects and solutions to be implemented in the coming period such as training high-quality human resources for localities and regions, solutions to overcome the middle-income trap; taking the human factor as the foundation in implementing projects; closely coordinating between the University and enteprises in developing the innovation startup ecosystem; establishing an Innovation Center; building eco-industrial parks, etc.


Mr. Pham Ngoc Thuan - General Director of Becamex IDC Corp proposes the strategy to build smart city in the next period

Through the opinions of the delegates, Permanent Vice Chairman of the PPC Mai Hung Dung highly appreciated the plan of implementing the construction of smart city of the departments and branches in the coming time. He suggested that agencies and units focus on commenting on the draft Binh Duong Smart City Project for the 2022-2030 period, supplementing the key tasks and solutions to be implemented in this period of each department and branch to achieve the goals set out by the Project.

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